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Getting Started – The Basics

  • Register Domain Name – 3 years “why three years?”  Search engines like domains that plan on sticking around. The price depends on the domain name you choose.
  • Web Hosting – 3 years $150.00 shared host.  You can get a dedicated host but it costs more.
  • SSL Certificate – 3 years $225.00 Yes there are free ways of doing this but you have to update it every 90 days and it can break your site if you don’t.  You can automate renewal with Certbot but you can’t do this on a shared host. If you are handling peoples information you need this.
  • E-mail – 3 years $150.00 office 365 professional E-mail example: “”

Design and Development

  • Web Design – $30 /hr most projects take 10-20 hours.  10 hour minimum to start work.
  • CMS “Content Management System” – “Drupal or WordPress” both are great but WordPress is a little easier for beginners. IMHO
  • Themes, Plugins and Modules – you can use a free theme “the way your site looks.” and it will look nice, but sometimes you want something special and this can cost extra.  Plugins and modules are a certain function that has been packaged up for you.  Functionality like a booking calendar, or a classifieds area. Some are free some cost a little money.
  • Training – Yes I will teach you how to manage your site after I set it up.


  • Google Analytics – Tracking code in website.  Helps you with learn about your website traffic “people”
  • Google Search Console – Helps you with Google specifically “more search engine less people”
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – Make Bing work for you in case someone accidentally uses it to find you.

Local Results

  • Google My Business – This puts your site in the google local results
  • Bing Places – Another local results manager

Social Media

  • Postfity – schedule posts in one place, I’ll get you started with this.
  • Facebook – business page
  • Twitter  – business page
  • LinkedIn – business page