Relevance and Authority – WTF!

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Relevance – is your site about what you say your content is about?
Authority – does everyone else trust your content?

So how do you get relevance and authority?
Firstly there is nothing more irritating than having someone with 6 million backlinks telling you to change your websites title and description. Or someone telling you to simply make an infographic and ask someone else to post it.   You could spend thousands of dollars and waste thousands of hours trying to move your listing up.  In the end if you are just starting out, competing with an older site is going to be very hard.  If you are creative making an infographic and writing might be easy.  But for the rest of us its allot of time and effort. Here are some tips that can help you and require almost no effort.  

Above all your site should be easy to use and fast, if people get impatient this can affect your bounce rate and the search engines will move your listing down in favor of a faster website with the same content. This is one of those easier said than done things. I suggest you pay extra for the fast webserver, optimize your images, and don’t be seduced by ads they really bog things down and the page jumping around is really annoying.

Google Search results speed.
Google obviously cares about this metric.

Make sure my email signature has your website and other social links in it. This is an example of an HTML Signature which are great if you want everyone in your organization to have the exact same signature. Message me I will help you with this.

HTML Signature with Social Links
HTML E-mail Signature

Making a few videos can help as long as they are concise and useful, and don’t forget to link all of your social media. Below is a video I put together to help a salesman understand how to convert AutoCAD DWG formats. It has nothing to do with SEO but it is an example of a short video that is helpful.

SSL Lock

SSL certificates are important even if you don’t handle people’s information, the general consensus is sites with SSL get favor over sites without it.

Dont mix content.

On another note try not to mix your content too much. If you are a cooking blog save the backpacking stories. OK if there ever was an instance where you were cooking while backpacking This would be acceptable. However generally if you are specific to one thing its best to stay in your own lane. Id say you would confuse your readers more than anything else.

Example of an Ad selling backlinking services.

Lastly Do NOT pay for links, this can go horribly wrong. If you buy the wrong kind of links it can take a very long time before they disappear. You can manually disavow but that can also be a disaster.

SEO Checkers – Take them with a grain of salt.

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This image is the Basic AD Analyzed Site

Howdy! If you have ever installed WordPress then you will have seen a post like this. I intend to use this area to offer free tips on SEO. Recently I built a web page specifically designed to make the SEO testing tools go nuts. As you can see the first AD Analyzed web page was very basic. HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript all working together in the most basic way possible. I followed every recommendation to the letter, and honestly I had allot of fun doing it. Here are the results.

This is a graphic that shows the SEO checker results from the top three google results.
Here is a Graphic of my SEO Test results from three different sites. The tool doesn’t even work most of the time. It’s funny that they are one of the highest ranking sites for the key phrase SEO Checker.

However… Any SEO pro worth their salt will tell you that these metrics don’t mean much when it comes to ranking. These rules are important, but the truth is you have to build your site for people not SEO checkers. Unless your goal is to rank #1 on Bing.”

Last score fron SEO Checker

This is the last test I did before installing WordPress. Had I stuffed in the required keywords I probably could have got it to 96 or 97.

In summation my point is that you should spend more time building your social media presence and really focus on that high quality content people are looking for. You do it right and somebody might share your article on Facebook or link to it on their own website.